...Dreaming of My Demise Amid The Dawning Anniversary of My Initial Inception

...And I had a dream that I died, though I cannot recall how it felt. There was an awareness of space, however I had no ability to discern whether that space surrounded me or truly became me in some distant process I cannot completely comprehend. And while no sound arrived to break the silence stretching beyond my own process of thought, I find myself amid a revelatory morning dissecting the rhythms which paint the soundtrack of the aforementioned experience.

And it's beautifully peculiar the way which one's expression can arrive unannounced and previously unknown in ways which places meaning into the moment where true movement occupies the waning mid-morning hours where coffee stains climb the walls while our eyes chase the sun from a confined comfort we're convinced is genuine if not truly necessary.

So we pass one another upon the shared expanse, like two docked vessels in motion, aware that forms of one another exist yet still unaware of each other's true existence. Yet here we sporadically come together as one, immediately aware of exactly how much we've needed one another, even if only for the sake of not feeling so stagnant within the fleeting humidity of a delayed summer swell.

And in a flash we transcend from naivety to real need. 
A need void of reliance, and that is a truly beautiful thing.
Desires need not possess dependence
Passions need not require definition
Conscientiousness (or lack there of) need not insist upon a title
And we need not to be anything beyond ourselves
For truly discovering ourselves is in of itself a reason to live.