...Life is Expression;

and from a young age Matthew has fully embraced this expression. Lost within his surroundings, at 16 he found photography, and through this medium he developed a way to connect with other individuals who also felt a similar level of detachment.  

By combining subjective perspective with universal appeal Matthew has found unique ways of questioning not only the identity of who we are, but also how we interact & relate to that which surrounds us. Whether he’s capturing a Landscape, Architecture, or the Human Form, his work challenges the relation of inherent truths & fiction that occur in our existence.

Utilizing natural light, contrasting tones, and a distinctly deliberate perspective influenced by combining the conscious and subconscious as a means to question reality, Matthew showcases conceptual photos which evoke a level of detachment subtle enough for most people to connect with. It is through this connection that Matthew proves on a perceptual level just how related we actually are.